Native iOS School Time Photo Gallery Mobile App Development Solution

A case study on Scrapbook, an iOS mobile application that enables users to fill out their school time memories based on awards, photos, hobbies, etc., in the application connected to the iCloud storage system to access it whenever they feel nostalgic about their school time.
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About Scrapbook

Scrapbook is a mobile application purposely built for people who love to keep records of their school time journey based on grades, awards, artwork, photos, sports, etc. This app is for everyone, students, parents, teachers, etc. It allows them to add all these records, which are saved on the iCloud, so they can revisit their old memories whenever they feel nostalgic about old times, using any device and from anywhere they want to.

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Project Type

Individual Project

Service Type

Native iOS Mobile App Development

Team Size

3 members

Development Time


Technology Stack

Swift and iCloud Database


Scrapbook Project Requirements

Nepal Government Project
Nepal Government Project

During the COVID-19 lockdown situation, everyone had tried new things, revisited old memories, and did many other things, as they were with their family all the time and having work from home settlements. So, considering that situation, our client - who is a teacher from the USA and had an idea to build an application like this and reached out to us through one of the job posting portals.

When we first interacted with the client, he told us what he wanted to implement in his application. Being a business entity, we put our point for him that this application has fewer chances of generating revenue. The thing is, he is not even interested in generating revenues. In addition, he said that this app is for those people who take care of their old-time memories and want to relive and re-enjoy those good moments, which did make a point to us, and we agreed to work on this project.

Nepal Government Project

Our Development Approach

After having a couple of meetings with the client, one thing we knew that this is iOS application development project is not that difficult, but a lengthy one as it’s each page is having form filling activities. Keeping all difficulties aside, we aligned our smartest iOS developer for this project with 5+ years of experience in the field.

After getting all the requirements from the client and business analysis team, our iOS developer gave an estimation or app development roadmap to complete the project in a couple of phases to make the development faster. He used Swift - an iOS mobile application development programming language, to build a compelling Scrapbook app that users want to visit again and again without any security and performance concerns.


App Feature

Search Filters

Grade-based Entry

Once the profile is set up, users can select their grade type from Kindergarten to Grade 13 and add their memories with details like date, time, and notes.

Add Instructions

Story List

Whenever a user adds memories to the grade directory, they can see a list of stories and memories they have entered with briefs like image, date, and time.

Add Instructions

Listing Info

It is like a dashboard of all the details users entered into the application grade-wise. So, after adding and saving each info, users can see that entry in the list.


The final product delivered to the client was satisfactory for the client, as we met all the requirements he wanted us to implement. The app is currently used by the client as his own record book. Soon, he will make this Scrapbook app public for global people’s usage.