An Image Recognition iOS Mobile App Development

A case study on KeepCoolRecs - an Image Recognition Mobile Application project that helps our client get the percentage of green color from the things that are in the box to find and fix manufacturing errors of those things and fix other industrial manufacturing errors.
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Project Type

Individual Project

Service Type

Native iOS Mobile App Development

Team Size

3 members

Development Time

5 days

Technology Stack

Swift 5, Core data framework, Image Recognition Tool


Client’s Requirement

The client was from Germany and wanted a dedicated iOS mobile application for his industrial use to find the percentage of green color from the things he put in the dark box. So, his requirements were for us to implement:

Nepal Government Project
Nepal Government Project
  • App must have access to the camera
  • When the object is detected, the camera must take 10 (variable) shots/image click in a single click. (1 Sec = 1 Image Shot)
  • Item compare and measure functionality
  • Manual settings for image recognition application:
  • Set Lightening Duration
  • Set Measuring Time
  • Set Tolerance
  • Set Tolerance Range
Nepal Government Project

KeepCoolRecs Development Approach

The concept of KeepCoolRecs was quite interesting, as we had to use the image processing and recognition techniques and tools to complete the application. With being excited about working on this project, there were also some concerns as we were sure to face challenges in implementing image recognition functionality. But still, we took the risk and took the project with the confidence of having great problem-solving skills.

We aligned our proficient iOS developer with 7+ years of vast experience in the field to work on this project. He was pretty confident of completing this project within a week, which truly exclaimed our client. The project started, and he faced a little difficulty in getting the percentage of the green colour, but he did some research on solving such a challenge and luckily was able to implement that solution using his logical skills. And confidently, he delivered the KeepCoolRecs - iOS mobile app within 5 days. With this solution, the client was extremely happy, and that’s all -being an IT services providing company, what else do we need?


Special Features of KeepCoolRecs

Search Filters

Multiple Image Shots

This is the best feature of the KeepCoolRecs, which we implemented. When the user clicks on the click picture icon, it will click multiple shots (as set priorly) on a 1 shot per sec basis.

Add Instructions

Graphical Representation

After image shots are taken, it converts them into graphs showing the percentage of green color based on the light reflection percentage.


In the end, we were able to deliver this project to the client before his assumed timeline with a better quality and precision rate of around 95%, and as far as it is above 90% precision rate in the image recognition solution, it is considered a good one.