Purna Paper Products

A project requiring a modern ERP system with a mobile application

A case study on Purna Paper Products (PPP), a wholesaler based in Rajkot (city in Gujarat, India) that specializes in paper products, stationery, and related items.
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About Purna Paper Products

PPP is a company specializing in the manufacture of paper-based products. They produce a variety of items, such as notebooks, notepads, writing paper, envelopes, and other stationery products. Their focus is on providing eco-friendly and sustainable options, using recycled materials, or promoting responsible forestry practices.

Quick info


Stationery Wholesalers, Manufacturing Industry

Project Type

Company Project

Service Type

ERP and App development

Team Size

4 members

Project Duration

2 Months (Feb 2024 - April 2024)

Technology Stack

ReactJs, Django, Flutter, PostgreSQL, AWS, Figma

About Client & Project Requirements

This project required a modern ERP system with a mobile app that demanded the development of a sleek mobile app, designed to boost sales through digital record-keeping. The app will be managed through an advanced admin panel, which will empower users to seamlessly oversee and manage all PPP ERP processes, including inventory, orders, shops, employees, and more.


Pain Points of client

Manual paper works

They were maintaining receipts and books of accounts. It was time consuming and prone to errors, which caused inefficiencies in the accounting process and made it challenging to track expenses accurately.

Untrackable processes

They faced a significant challenge in the form of untrackable processes that caused delays in production and fulfillment. The company lacked a clear system to monitor the progress of orders and track inventory levels.

How PragetX Helped Purna Paper Products Overcome Business Challenges?

  • We suggested an ERP system that can manage their daily work on one platform and be accessible from anywhere using features like Google Maps.
  • We converted manual paper process into digital version and integrated it with the ERP system to streamline their operations even further.
  • By utilizing features like ERP software development, real-time data tracking, and automated reporting, the company was able to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • The transition to a digital platform not only saved time and resources, but also allowed for better decision-making and improved customer service.

Key Features We Integrated

Access Control

Dynamic Role based Access Control

This feature allowed for greater control over accessing certain information and functions within the system, as well as providing insight into real-time performance and inventory levels.

Google Map

Google Maps integration for routes and shops

We integrated Google Maps for efficient route planning and locating shops, enhancing user convenience and streamlining operations for Purna Paper Products.

Products Management

Products Management

This feature enabled the company to efficiently and seamlessly track their product offerings, manage their stock levels, and promptly fulfill customer orders.

Order Management

Order Management

With the implementation of the ERP application, they have been able to track orders more effectively, manage inventory levels with precision, and better understand customers’ needs and preferences.

Product Development Cycle

Project Timeline

The Purna Paper Products project was developed over a period of two months.

Project cycle

We followed SDLC (software development life cycle) with an agile methodology.


We used to have a daily scrum call to discuss project status, difficulties, doubts, etc.

QA & Testing

We regularly gather feedback from clients to ensure that we are meeting their needs and expectations.

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What our client says?

We’ve worked with the PragetX Team and had a very positive experience. They clearly understood our requirements and delivered the project on time. We needed an application to streamline our internal sales team’s workflow. If you’re looking to develop an app for the manufacturing industry, we highly recommend PragetX. We will soon start the next phase with them.

Mohitbhai Nathwani

Purna Paper Products