Family Hives

A Family-Media Mobile Application - Hybrid Mobile App Testing Project

A case study on Family Hives - a hybrid mobile application providing socialization services for the family members to stay connected regardless of the location. Family Hives is not a social media, but we’d like to call it a family media for the families living in different locations.
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Family Media

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Individual Project

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Qa & Testing

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3 members

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Family Hives Mobile App Development Requirements

Nepal Government Project
Nepal Government Project

The client is from the UAE - who came to us with the Family Hives mobile app testing project. Family Hives is a unique concept that connects family members living in disparate locations to stay connected. He wanted us to test the features and functionalities, like adding family members, making different trees, notifications on each update - which is manageable, alarms for family time, memories, cooking recipes from particular family members, and bedtime stories.

Nepal Government Project

Family Hives Development Approach

The concept of family hives was quite interesting for us to work on it; thus, we aligned our senior flutter developer with 3+ years of vast experience working in the field. He suggested many features and functionalities to add to the application, such as keeping the family tree numbers to two (maximum) and having a story scrolling feature in the application to make it a family media, which the client also liked.

So, without taking more time, our flutter developer provided his application testing types and time with a timeline and started working on it. While testing the application, he did face a little challenge while fixing some serious bugs created by other developers working side by side. Their expertise in problem-solving came as a great help in delivering the Family Hives application with compelling performance.

This Family Hives application is still with us under continuous application maintenance for future versions’ releases.



The performance of the family hives has impressed the client. It is under beta testing and soon will be made public.