A Modern Age Agile IT Work Approach

Helping businesses get the best breed of the IT solution through a strategic development approach with the assurance
of faster project delivery without compromising on quality.
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Agile Collaborations = Faster Software Time-to-Market

Following the client-first approach from knowing and understanding requirements to planning a strategic roadmap by referring to Agile or Waterfall software implementation models, ensuring faster software time-to-market with definitive results at effective rates.
PragetX Technologies LLP understands the importance of client’s requirements for reaching out to any software services providing firm to hire the best team that uses intelligence in analyzing requirements, strategic planning, persistence in following the roadmap, and aptitude in delivering rigorous solutions in less time at ample prices. So, don’t let your business-critical IT investment turn into an insignificant outcome due to improper planning and execution.
Agile Collaborations1
Agile Collaborations2
Trust team PragetX as your right-fit emerging IT services providing partner, delivering the state-of-the-art, value-driven, cost-effective, and cutting-edge IT solutions for your evolving business. Our software engineers are very well-skilled and have technological leadership quality and a client-first mindset, which is needed to ensure a smooth implementation and transition of your IT solutions.
Get the right-sized IT development solution for your business-critical software project in terms of logical planning, monitoring, and management approaches within your budget without compromising on quality or outcomes.

PragetX Value Prepositions

Delivering end-to-end, custom, and value-driven software solutions with satisfactory results in terms of phenomenal user experience so you can ensure your firm’s competitive edge at all times.
Cutting-Edge IT Solutions

Thoroughly understanding the needs of clients to provide them with a feasible IT solution meeting their criteria in terms of development, user experience, and financial investment.

Cognitive Collaborations

Following methodological communication and cognitive collaborations with clients to keep them updated with our progress on the project while ensuring to meet deliverables.

Proactive Project Management

Asking for clients’ feedback on the completion of each project milestone to ensure that the planned project governance and KPIs are met with necessary amendments.

End-Point Confidentiality

Providing end-to-end NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) agreements for your satisfactory IT collaboration with PragetX.

Dedicated Support

Ensuring to meet all your IT service standards, whether your project is under development or already delivered. Get 30-days of free project maintenance support after the delivery.

Value For Money

Regardless of the project difficulties, software engineers at PragetX will ensure to craft a well-defined solution providing guaranteed cutting-edge performance.

Business Models

Understanding unique requirements for different industries, thus, proposing some business engagement models for you to discover the right-fit one meeting your business-critical IT project KPIs.
Fixed Priced Model

Fixed-Priced Model

Have clear IT project development requirements and scope in mind and need the exact crafted-in IT solution from us? This business engagement model is for you. Let us know your exact requirements and get the fixed reliable budget with project deliverables with the proper timeline. Ensure minimal interactions with the development team and leave all your project worries to us so that you can focus on your other business competencies.

Hourly Priced Model

Hourly-Priced Model

The project development scope is briefly defined, the requirements are expected to change over time, and need developers to apply their creativity that can sync in with the development as well, then this business engagement is highly recommended. Get a well-defined solution in different short-term milestones by hiring us to work on your project on an hourly basis.

Hire Go

Hire & Go (Staff Augmentation)

Have multiple requirements for us to meet for different projects and need instant onboarding of a resource/developer/software engineer to work dedicated for your company as your employee? Hire dedicated resources or an entire team of developers to extend your technical team capabilities on a contract basis. Hire our developers to work on an hourly basis as your dedicated resource.

Our Development Functions

Hidden Brains
  • Project Onboarding

    Requirement Analysis, Value-Prepositions, Agreement Exchanges, Project Onboarding

  • Project Tracking

    Roadmap, Team Allocation, Work Distribution, Regular Team Stand-up meetings

  • Collab & Communicate

    Regular stand-up meetings with clients, Client Feedback, Amendments, Meet deadlines

  • Monitoring & Support

    Real-time monitoring & documenting team progress to ensure better project management

  • Invoicing

    Keeping track of services availed for the project to raise the invoice as agreed

Why Work With PragetX?

Learning & Development1Expert Consulting
Mindful Personal Guidance1IPR and NDA
Constructive Feedback1Compliance
Inclusive & Open-CultureDedicated Proficient
Innovation & Quality FirstActive
Proactive ImplementationCognitive
Best & Global OpportunitiesTimely Project
Progress Reports
Work with Latest TechnologyComplete
Evolving CultureCutting-edge
Learning & Development2Complete Project
Mindful Personal Guidance2Code Documentation
Constructive Feedback2Dedicated Support
and Maintenance