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Chatbots are a regular part of our daily interactions. These virtual assistants can help you with everything from personalized support to lead generation, sales, and client onboarding - it has surely got you covered.

Businesses are interacting with customers in novel ways thanks to chatbots. It also benefits businesses by providing immediate customer support, enhanced brand image, brand identity, and a bigger client base.

If you want to deploy this incredible technology or need assistance, PragetX is the right partner for you.

Our chatbot development services can help you radically change your channels of communication by simplifying interconnections with prospective customers.

Our chatbot developers offer exceptional Chatbot web and mobile app alternatives that you can integrate into a variety of domains, including e-commerce, entertainment, courier services, and healthcare.

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ChatBot Services we offer

Chatbot development (Web/Mobile)
Chatbot development (Web/Mobile)

PragatX is the leading Chatbot development company, offering full-cycle chatbot development solutions for websites/web apps and mobile apps, transforming the way business owners communicate with their clients and making more efficient interactions.

Chatbot Integration services
Chatbot Integration services

We assist you with chatbot integration services for your website, web app, mobile app, or platforms such as Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, and others. This allows the bot to have normal, approachable, and contextual conversations while also assisting you in seamlessly connecting with your customers.

Chatbot conversational design
Chatbot conversational design

PragatX offers innovative conversational design services, and you will be able to facilitate conversations by incorporating natural language interfaces with conventional Ui components such as icons, menu items, and photos with the help of our integrations and out-of-the-box alternatives.

Chatbot Consultation Services
Chatbot Consultation Services

To ascertain the most workable alternative, our advisory experts examine industry-specific use cases and influence of chatbots for your company. A strong chatbot strategy ensures proper advancement by evaluating objectives, user requirements, techniques, framework, and product roadmap.

Business Process Automation
Business Process Automation

PragetX uses business process automation to digitize human effort. We offer one-of-a-kind real-time solutions with vibrant and smart queue allocation functionality. Through our automated business processes offerings, we provide cutting-edge solutions blended with professionalism.

Chatbot support & Maintenance
Chatbot support & Maintenance

Our team offers constant chatbot support and maintenance services to ensure your chatbot continues to provide an excellent experience to your online users. We ensure that your product continues to keep up with the latest dynamics by monitoring how users are interacting with your chatbot.

How does ChatBot help businesses?

Enhanced customer satisfaction and interaction

Chatbots help companies boost client involvement and satisfaction by providing the customers with fast, simple, and comfortable support.

Increased Customer Retention

Chatbots help businesses in improving rates of customer retention by engaging with customers on a more personal basis and assisting them in remaining satisfied with your product or service.

A Low-Cost Marketing Tool

Chatbots are a low-cost promotional tool that can produce successful outcomes. Chatbots enable marketers to reach a broader audience and raise brand awareness while spending less money.

Customer service via multiple channels

Chatbots operated by feature-rich technologies enable real-time user engagement, allowing clients to be reached across numerous instant messengers to optimize the omnichannel experience.

Individualized customer interaction

Chatbots allow you to have more data-driven, personalized conversations with your customers. This helps to increase your customers' active involvement with your company.

Ready to empower your business with this stunning technology?

Why choose us for ChatBot development services?

Personalized requirements
Personalized requirements

We extensively analyze our client's requirements and, based on those needs, we assign programmers for that specific project, taking into account the developers' expertise and skills. To meet your specific needs, our development team has a wide range of experience in a variety of industries.

Updated with the latest tech & approach.
Updated with the latest tech & approach.

PragatX's team is skilled and up to date with the latest tools and technologies, such as A.I., deep machine learning, Natural language understanding, or any other growing software technology to provide fashionable solutions to the customers through the latest and thoughtful approach.

Improved customer experience
Improved customer experience

We create customized Chatbot development solutions that use creative technologies to improve interactive elements, interaction, and customization, taking your customer experience to another level and increasing the efficiency of your product.

Well-defined approach and solutions
Well-defined approach and solutions

We at PragatX adopt the well-structured and standard process for the Chatbot development, integration, and support solutions. All our approaches and results are accurately balanced between timeliness and your budget, followed by top-notch quality and product efficiency.

What are the use cases of chatbots for businesses?

E-Commerce chatbots

An eCommerce chatbot can help you connect with more clients. The bot can list items, and menu options, respond to live queries, add items to the shopping cart, process orders, make product recommendations, and send shipping updates.

News chatbots

In a chat message, a chatbot can provide customized notifications, news stories, specific articles, and live sports rankings from a particular web app. It can also provide a list of tales from various publishing systems.

Hotel Chatbots

Customers can use chatbots to browse, search for, and book hotels. A chatbot can also improve the communication with hotel guests previously, during, and after their visit.

Customer support

It can easily take the place of live chat agents and offer unrivaled customer support. A chatbot can respond, provide accurate responses, and even escalate queries of customers. Furthermore, it can react to frequently asked questions or provide accurate information.

Finance & Banking

Customers can handle their accounts, instantly check their bank accounts, and manage their expenditures using finance chatbots at their leisure. Clients can also use the chatbot to make secure payouts and other money transfers.

Healthcare Industry

Chatbots are progressively being used in the healthcare industry to boost patient experience and reduce hospital operating costs. Conversational bots can plan doctor's visits predicated on their accessibility. A chatbot can also assess side effects and refer patients to the appropriate specialist.

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