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Build your business-oriented software solution by teaming up development and operations capabilities to ensure simultaneous software implementation, integration, and testing, leading to faster solution product time-to-market. Hire expert DevOps engineers and developers from PragetX Technologies LLP, who uses DevOps solution development best practices to deliver the best DevOps managed services.
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Today, as the IT industry is transforming rapidly, businesses providing online services need a continuous and progressive build to ensure faster roll-outs of their applications to enable their users to have a seamless application user experience. In order to implement such optimum application roll-outs, businesses need an effective IT system efficiently aligned with the organization and its best development approach. Therefore, the DevOps solution comes into the picture that enables organizations to Automated Business IT Processes, resulting in progressive business revenues.

Aiming to introduce businesses with the future-ready IT solutions, PragetX has carefully curated a team of DevOps engineers, proposing the insightful DevOps consulting, and value-added DevOps services enabled with Agile methodologies for better and faster outcomes. An Agile + DevOps methodologies combination is considered the best one as it automates continuous delivery of software functions and builds into a well architectured, integrated, and tested workflow.

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Why PragetX For DevOps Services?

A list of factors that defines PragetX as your one-stop destination to get all you want in your ideal DevOps solutions

Experienced & Reliable Team

DevOps engineers at PragetX have an extensive experience in the domain, always keep themselves updated with the latest technology trends, and are persistent in meeting varying customer’s needs.

Absolute Transparency

At PragetX, we live by our mantra, your growth = our growth. So, we always ensure to keep our communication clear and transparent with all the parties we deal with, whether it is about clients or DevOps engineers.

On-Time Delivery

Punctuation is what we make certain in our office environment, whether it is about coming to work or implementing and delivering DevOps projects to the client. Give us a chance to prove our obligingness to our clients.