Why Should Businesses Partner with
PragetX for Agile IT Collaborations?

Collaboration in the IT industry has been running for over decades, whether in their service stack, overseas or
in different vertices, to widen the company portfolio and create more market opportunities.

Collaboration in the IT industry has been running for over decades, whether in their service stack, overseas or in different vertices, to widen the company portfolio and create more market opportunities. However, the past few years for the IT industry have been quite critical, during which, many empires have been built and many broken. The ones with stronger foundations have gained their marketing competitive position by collaborating with other companies.

Speaking of which, PragetX - an evolving IT leader located in India, is effectively helping businesses to accomplish their IT needs, stands out as a positive instance for this topic. The leaders at PragetX have dreamt of building a divergent in the market competition by completing their 50+ projects within a year, which they achieved eventually.

Representing PragetX, I proudly say that, we are an ideal IT company for global IT firms and businesses from different industries to establish an agile IT collaboration/partnership.

Curious? Of course, you should be. Read this article till the end to find out how convincing is PragetX as your agile IT partner.

What Does it Mean By Agile IT Collaboration?

The IT industry has plenty of collaborations, including complete B2B partnerships, influential collaborations, project collaborations, team collaborations, strategic alliances, network collaborations, talent collaborations, etc. So you might be wondering what particular collaboration type I am talking about.

The agile IT collaboration stands for a combination of collaborations defined before, which ensures meeting the shared goals of collaborating parties. Here, for PragetX, agile IT collaboration could be project collaboration, strategic alliance, or talent collaboration - also known as staff augmentation.

On the other hand, agile IT collaboration could also be defined as providing services on-demand on a contract basis till the shared interests or goals are achieved. And the PragetX Technologies LLP works on the same collaboration. The team at PragetX strives to collaborate with other IT firms for multiple projects with alliances like talent exchange, project exchange, and strategic & branding partnerships.

This year, PragetX have surveyed 80% of its own and partners’ business growth with 50% financial saving from hiring talents and project bidding portals, which could be utilized for hiring more in-house talents serving for the partner and buying the company’s other assets.

Benefits of Partnering Up with PragetX

1. Customer-centric approach

At PragetX, customers always come first, and each requirement is prioritized regardless of the difficulty. And where the customers are prioritized, who doesn’t want to collaborate with that firm. You could choose to partner with PragetX of any category, including marketing, affiliate, project, etc.

2. Cognitive communication & collaboration

In order to sustain any partnership or engagement, continuous communication and collaboration is a must, which at PragetX, we ensure not to cut through. When the project is onboarded, the technical team and business development team make sure that the client is regularly notified of progress on the projects or whenever a set milestone is achieved.

If working in the project development chain, the technical team must continuously be in touch with fellow developers via conducting meeting/standup calls. This active communication and collaboration benefits the most during the urgent implementation needs.

3. Value-driven solutions

Every client has different requirements and from which - some are easy to cater to, and some are difficult. However, being an IT firm, it is our utmost duty to analyze client requirements, do in-depth research, craft a value-driven solution that caters to clients' exact needs, and even try to give valuable suggestions that can be added to requirements.

4. Utmost Integrity

In a business, complete integrity and transparency are the golden rules that should be developed with partners, collaborators, clients, and even within the company. PragetX Technology LLP relies on the principle of absolute integrity and transparency as a gesture of professionalism. Therefore, I and even you could say that PragetX is the reliable IT team to entrust with your IT projects.

5. Cost-effective solutions

In the market, when there is an intense competition going on, PragetX varies through its unique, flexible pricing models, value-driven IT solutions, on-time delivery, and agile approaches. The fair prices of our IT services are derived from proper requirement analysis and developers’ efforts to devise the best-in-the-class IT solution, the way our clients expected.

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There you have it for what you came here! Now, it’s your decision time to make how effective our agile IT partnership could be. You will have complete authority over your IT project, the development team, and even great negotiable prices according to the project requirements.

Then, who doesn’t like working with this agile team of IT soldiers and giving this great deal of IT collaboration a time! So, what are you waiting for! Go and hit the Get in Touch button available on the top-right corner of our website to share your requirements with us, or set up a quick call with our business development team via Skype and get a feasible IT solution under your budget in a time effective manner!


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