Top-4 Restaurant Website
UI/UX Ideas

Nowadays, every business entity, whether it is a small or large one, needs its online presence to run efficiently and attract audiences’ attention. And this can be done through business theme-based website development and social media marketing.

Nowadays, when we hear about a new restaurant, the web is always our first place to look to know the address and know online reviews and photos circulated by visitors. If we find the website of a restaurant, showcasing the ambience, parties organized by the restaurants, chefs, and restaurant delicacy, it creates quite an impression on our mindset about the place.

Therefore, in the case of restaurants, having a restaurant-theme-based website is like a cherry on top of the cake.

Why Should Restaurants Have A Website?

Here are the reasons why restaurants should own a website:

  • Improve online local search appearance
  • Create a better brand image in front of prospective guests
  • Let guests know in advance what kind of ambience and services they can expect to experience
  • Provide convenience for guests to make quick reservations
  • Improve customer and brand trust and loyalty
  • Allow visitors to get familiar with other restaurants' online services
  • Tell restaurant stories and share brand success stories or restaurant great memories to the world
  • Run some loyalty programs and give-away campaigns.

Why do Restaurants need to focus more on creative website development?

  • As per the survey, around 94% of the audience is likely to visit the place due to its creative website UI/UX and attractive ambience representation on the website.
  • Around 85% of restaurants get more brand loyalty and generate business revenue due to their intuitive website surfing experience (UI/UX).
  • Across the world, around 73% of businesses every year spend on web designing to stand out in the market as a brand differentiator.

What to Consider While Designing Restaurant Website?

While creating website designs for restaurants, it is important to ensure that it should provide all important information about the restaurant on the home page, such as:

  • Restaurant branding: logo, the restaurant theme or cuisine type, the origin, the ideation of the restaurant, etc.
  • Chefs: When owning a special or particular cuisine-based restaurant and having highly qualified chefs, adding information about the chef’s story (university, training, signature dishes, achievements, etc.) can make a difference and create more value to the brand to attract more customers.
  • Bestseller dishes: Every restaurant has some dishes - that are predominantly liked and ordered by guests, which you’d like to refer to your website visitors.
  • Today’s Menu: Likewise to bestsellers, you can also update and showcase your every day’s special menu to make guests work easier to order some tastier food.
  • Pop-up forms: When a visitor comes to your website, you can show them the highlights of the events organized by your restaurants in a collage format with a fast-filling reservation form.
  • Online reservation window: Some restaurants work on their daily criteria for their quality food services, and to maintain such a reputation, they mediate it necessary for guests to reserve their table on a prior basis.
  • Online food ordering: Many restaurants have their own delivery services, so they also allow website visitors to order their favourite food and enjoy it in their comfort of home.
  • Restaurant Locations: Restaurant owners can list addresses where their branches are located.
  • Contact Details: Phone number and email address
  • Social media presence linking: All social media profiles, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

4 Restaurant Website UI Design Ideas

1. Dark-Themed Restaurant Website Design

A Dark-themed restaurant website design creates a high impact on audiences. As you know, we all mobile phone lovers enjoy dark themes the most than basic white themes. The dark colour palette puts a magical stroke over your website, in this colour scheme, especially the greyscale colour palette helps the website to make a stronger impression.

Greyscale colour palette:
Example of Dark-themed restaurant website UI:

You can try this uniquely designed attractive design for your cuisine-specific restaurant website, which highlights your kitchen, your food preparation process, hygiene standards, your chef’s special menu, happy customer reviews, online ordering availability, and contact & visiting information.

2. Light-Themed Restaurant Website Design

While dark-themed restaurant websites are gaining more audience attraction, some elegant, minimalist white-themed restaurant website UI designs are also providing path-breaking leads to restaurants. White is the background, where all colours can blend in perfectly. You can use Blue, Red, or Yellow colour with a white colour combination to design a professional-looking website. Else, if your restaurant is also a café, you can use coffee colour palettes to make it look theme-based.

Restro-Cafe Website Design Colour Palette:
Example of Light-themed restaurant website UI:

A coffee colour scheme with white or light-themed restaurant website UI with a light pink combination defines a modern style restro-cafe concept. This kind of website UI also represents the emotional and professional relationship of people with that place because food and beverages are emotionally connected with us.

Yellow+White Colour Scheme:
Example of Yellow+White Colour Scheme-Based Restaurant Website UI:

Likewise, as we have said before, any colour can easily be blended in with the white-background theme. And Yellow (Mustard)-White colour scheme also creates the best UI/UX engagement with an audience looking for a fast-food, egg eatery, sea-food, burgers’ space, or brunch and lunch special menus providing restaurant outlets.

3. Modern Touch Restaurant Website Design

The modern restaurant website UI/UX designs have unique arrangements and animations to showcase website components. This modern website component arrangement not only showcases content in a clean and simple manner but also in an eye-catchy manner.

For the modern restaurant website design, any contrast colour combination works the best. Here, to showcase an example, we are presenting our favourite colour palette for the modern look of restaurant website designs.

Example of Modern-touch restaurant website UI:

You can also call this modern restaurant website design a minimalist design, which mainly focuses on core business functions. In the case of restaurants and cafés, this design will focus on the chef’s special menu and value-differentiators and unique content representations in a simplistic way.

4. Farm-Fresh Themed Restaurant Website Design

Some restaurants are themed as farm-fresh veggie recipes or ones that serve healthy dietary foods. You can use the green-farm-like colour scheme to market your unique brand awareness. Else, you can also use some light-themed UI and artistically selected colour palettes to design your restaurant-oriented website design.

Artistic Colour Palette
Artistic Website Design

We are saying this website is an artistic one because of the colour contrasts the designer has chosen for the website. As you can see, the title font colour is pink to get the immediate attention of website visitors. Along with colours - the layouts representing each section have been chosen quite considerably to provide eye-catchiness.

This website design contains many variations. Hence, you can also say this is a modern perspective theme for modern-style restaurants and cafés.

Green-farm-like Colour Scheme for Restaurants:
Green-farm-like Restaurants Website UI Design:

This restaurant website UI is also well-designed and well-represented in terms of choosing the colour-code palettes, images shown, arrangements, etc.

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