How to make a website on a limited budget?

Will you be shocked if I tell you that there are about 1.2 billion websites in the world as of July 2021 and 3 new websites are created every second?

Will you be shocked if I tell you that there are about 1.2 billion websites in the world as of July 2021 and 3 new websites are created every second? And still, 40% of small businesses or MSME do not have their website?

It’s shocking because the benefits of business with sales, you get by just having a website are crazy. It represents your company, who you are, what you do, how you do, your team, your clients, the reviews you get and how easier the life you make for your customers/clients or the whole society in general without uttering a single word. Infact, your website is your resume, they say.

One of the myths about websites is that the cost is too high. It used to make sense in 2000 but now making a website is really not a difficult thing, it's actually much easier than learning new cooking skills or giving a driving test; as almost everything is provided on Google nowadays. It takes less than a day to learn how to make a website for personal or business use in your budget and in your own time.

If you have less than 3 mins and a coffee, then please go through below mentioned research which shows some of the best ways to build your dream website in your budget:

1) Deciding the Budget

  • The first and most important step to make a website is that you need to decide your budget. Your budget will decide your destination; time, cost, flexibility and resources.
  • Once you have a budget in mind then the next step would be to research what kind of website you are looking for: for personal use, for business, for society, a non-profit organisation, a NGO etc.

2) Setting up the necessary things:

  • A website has two most important organs: One is domain and the second is web hosting. It is always advisable to contact an organization that helps you to build a website and also guides you in the right direction. Like we do at PragetX. Consider us as your friend.
  • But still, you need to have the basic knowledge. So, a web domain is like a URL people will enter to find your company. It's like the address of your house. It will cost you around $12 or much less every year. You renew every year.
  • The next step is the place where you will make your house. Web hosting is the same like that, they provide you space to host your website. It also backs up all your information you or any website visitor inputs; so you never have to worry about losing it.
  • You need to have a hosting plan in place as long as you need a website. It is affordable and it costs you anywhere between $4 to $80 depending upon the time you want to host your website.

3) Design is the key:

  • Here comes the most challenging part of designing the website. The most of your investment goes in designing websites. If you want your website visitors to not only like your web design but approach you for their business work, then you need to make it count.
  • Though there are various ways to make it affordable: hire an agency, who can guide, build and design the website as per your need.
  • Like I mentioned before, PragetX is a friend indeed. We do not charge for inquiry. No, never. If you like us and our work, we will assist you to build your house in the cloud. Anytime.
  • Now, if you have lots of time or want to spend more time researching yourself, then you do not need any friend indeed.
  • Can you go with the template option to design yourself instead of hiring a friend or agency.

4) Maintenance is a hidden treasure:

When we build a house we think like what if something breaks, what if something needs to be reinstalled and likewise lots of other stuff. The same is with the website it needs maintenance and has to be upgraded from time to time otherwise it will be out of date. So, if you go with the templates you need to see what the cost of maintenance is and how much we can upgrade. Also what can we upgrade? Secondly, if we hire an agency, they do their routine maintenance from time to time, and also they suggest what and when to upgrade. But maintenance is really important and it also has to be done on time.

Now, the conclusion is that which option is best for us, right? What works for others might not work for you. But it's not that difficult, just think you need the best one thinking long-term in mind and ok to spend some bucks then go for small agency like PragetX or just have lots of time but less budget, then can go for researching on your own and can use simple template to get started within few mins. Ask this questions to yourself:

For example:

  • We need to have a payment gateway on my website.
  • We need to have different types of animation on my website.
  • We need to have photos and videos on my website.
  • We need to have different web pages for our different services. etc.

But on the other hand template suits for the small businesses where they just want 2-3 pages and not much customization and also templates are affordable too when budgets are too limited. If you are looking to build a website with many features then you should hire an agency that will help in web development.


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