Hire Dedicated
UI/UX Designers

Creating well thought, arranged, designed, and made responsive UI/UX designs of your web or mobile application that can help businesses improve their online visitor retention rate leading to better leads and thus better business revenue. Hire 3 - 9+ years experienced, dedicated UI/UX designers to imprint their creativity into your web and mobile UI/UX designing project.
  • NDA Protected
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Agile process development
  • 100% on-time delivery
  • Guaranteed Clearance on Stores
  • Part-Time Hiring, Full-Time Hiring, Hourly Hiring @$15/hour*
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You’re not just recruiting a developer, you’re recruiting a leader

At PragetX, such is the commitment & responsibilities our teammates are trained to take while onboarding to your company for any dedicated work

Why Hire Dedicated UI/UX Designers?

Who doesn’t love to enjoy good company, especially when they come to your website or mobile app to get some information and buy something! Speaking of which, you being a knowledge-sharing or e-commerce platform-based business must leverage your users with attractive and engaging user experiences through the most responsive and aesthetic UI/UX designs. The well-planned and designed UI not only increases your use-retention rate but also leads to exceptional brand awareness.

That’s where PragetX comes to play an essential role in providing a pool of extremely passionate and experienced team of UI/UX designers - in working with graphics, motions, event and industry-leading, and state-of-the-art UI designs, levitating your brand awareness to the next parallel.

Custom Software Development

Your Ideal Team of UI/UX Designers

Technical Expertise of Our UI/UX Designers

  • A pool of 3-9+ Years of experience having UI/UX designers
  • Proficiency in tools and technologies: Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Bootstrap, HTML5, XHTML, and CSS.
  • Hands-on experience in designing UI/UX designs for different industrial projects (Web and App) in different languages.
  • Flexible technical and designing skills to meet your IT project UI/UX design perspective and expectations.

What You’ll Get From PragetX?

Get the best breed of UI/UX designing solutions and services from PragetX:

  • Eye-catchy and responsive app UI/UX
  • Cognitive collaboration and communication
  • Fewer project failure risks
  • Better customer experience and satisfaction
  • Flexible budget
  • On-time delivery

Hire Dedicated UI/UX Designers from PragetX

Custom Software Development
UI UX Consultants

Want to build your unique brand awareness from through specific brand palette selection and logo designing to the most responsive UI/UX designing for your business-critical software applications? Consult our expert UI/UX designers today!

Enterprise Software Development
Web UI UX Designers

Every brand is unique, and websites from the start are the faces of the brands, providing their business and service offerings’ information. Hire our creative UI/UX designers to elegantly and technically design your web UI/UX for better user retention.

Clone App Development
Mobile App UI UX Designers

Give your purposeful mobile application a touch of creativity and aesthetic-look to let users enjoy your app surfing experience. Hire our UI/UX designers today by trusting their creative approaches and ideas to make your mobile app a modern touch.

NFT Platform Development
Wireframe and Prototype Designers

Hire our highly experienced, intelligent, and research-first approaching UI/UX designers to craft your raw web or mobile app development ideas into the creative, well-planned, and well-arranged wireframe, prototype, and MVP design models.

UI/UX Designing
UI Interaction Designers

Turn your well-crafted user interface into the most responsive and engaging one by hiring the best UI/UX designers from PragetX who understand the requirement of clean and engaging UI - CSS that provides users with the best-in-class app surfing experience.

Application Maintenance & QA Services
Logo Designers

Empower your brand with the strongest and most obvious identity, which is by designing a well-sounded logo that loudly speaks for your brand and business services. Hire our intelligent and highly experienced logo designers and graphic designers today!

The PragetX - UI UX Designer Staff Augmentation Advantages

Skip Sourcing, Beat Talent Crunch, Save Time

Access to a pool of experienced, dedicated UI/UX Designers for hire in less time by adopting modern and quick sourcing & hiring processes.

Say No to Pre and Post-Hiring Responsibilities

When outsourcing the whole UI/UX talent hiring process to the professional and dedicated HR team, why worry? We have you covered!

Always Get Your Beta Ready

The shortlisted profiles aren’t meeting your UI/UX profile requirements? Don’t worry! We have a beta list of pre-vetted UI/UX Designers ready for you.

Absolute Confidentiality Agreement

We understand that you don’t want to disclose your collaboration with us. That’s completely fine! Get the absolute partnership integrity with PragetX.

Utmost Transparency

Be updated with the development approach and progress of your UI/UX Designing. Transparency at PragetX is a must that we follow.

Save on Salary

The dedicated UI/UX Designers’ hiring cost at PragetX is quite budget-friendly and will help you save up to 50% on employee salary with top-notch IT services.

Leverage PragetX Technologies LLP to be your extended web and mobile app development team, playing a key role in your business’s growth.

4-Step Easy UI/UX Designers Hiring Process

A simple 4-step easy hiring process to hire your ideal-fit dedicated UI/UX Designers while ensuring time and cost-effectiveness.
Understanding Requirements

Share Your UI/UX Design Requirements


We’ll shortlist the most ideal talent


Hire the right-fit UI/UX Designers for the project

QA & Testing

Onboard the talent & Start the innovations

Our UI/UX Design and Development Approach

Understanding Requirements
Analysis & Brainstorming

Gathering and analyzing clients’ requirements with the current technology and market trends to come up with quality design ideas.


For user-friendly UI/UX design, it is compulsory to figure out and put the right element in the right place for users to better understand application usability.

Wireframing & Prototyping

A detailed design flow representation of application elements helps clients understand how the IT software project development flow would go.

QA & Testing

Designing UI/UX elements by considering all factors, such as branding considerations, audience type, users’ liking areas, and measures to get more clicks and conversions.

UI Development:

Aligning business objectives with a UI design project to ensure that your web and mobile app UI/UX design and different advertising templates presents your brand.

Responsiveness Testing

Coding UI/UX designs in such a way that it clearly works as it suppose to do and testing it with all possible conditions to check the responsiveness of the product testing.