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iOS Developers

Hire top, well-experienced, and reliable remote iOS developers for your iOS mobile app development projects that India has to offer. At PragetX, we have a pre-vetted team of experienced iOS developers who deliver the most creative iOS app development solutions prior to the fixed deadline with precision.
  • NDA Protected
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Agile process development
  • 100% on-time delivery
  • Guaranteed Clearance on Stores
  • Part-Time Hiring, Full-Time Hiring, Hourly Hiring@$15/hour*
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You’re not just recruiting a developer, you’re recruiting a leader

At PragetX, such is the commitment & responsibilities our teammates are trained to take while onboarding to your company for any dedicated work

Why Hire Dedicated iOS Developers?

With the growing market competition in the IT sector, every IT company provides experienced and creative dedicated IT resources, but what clients actually need is quality, precision, and most importantly, the best prices. And that’s where PragetX comes to your rescue.

Hire iOS Developers from the PragetX Technologies LLP to save your iOS app development costs by 50% compared to the market prices without compromising quality or the development speed. We have a team of proficient and dedicated iOS developers with varying skills who will fit into your app development criteria and help you upgrade your iOS app development plan with the next-level capabilities.

Needing an iOS developer to work as per your time zone? Want to partner with PragetX for dedicated iOS developers based on different contracts, such as B2B and B2C categories? You’re all set for it! Keep presenting your demands, and we will work accordingly. Because at PragetX, we put our clients’ demands at the center of our values.

Custom Software Development

Your Ideal Team of iOS Developers

At PragetX, we have a pool of expert iOS developers keen to work on your dream iOS app
development projects and deliver satisfactory outputs.

Technical Expertise of Our iOS Developers

  • Programming Languages: Objective-C, Swift, Swift UI
  • Cocoa Touch Classes
  • Core Data/Local Database Integrations
  • Third-party integrations
  • API integrations - Web services
  • Feature API Integrations - iBeacon, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Push Notification Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Firebase integration
  • AR Kit Integration
  • MVC & MVVM based development
  • Audio/Video streaming apps
  • Follows Apple Human Interface Guidelines

What You’ll Get From PragetX?

Get the best breed of iOS development solutions and services from the PragetX:

  • Eye-catchy and responsive iOS app UI/UX
  • Secure, scalable, and reliable iOS apps
  • Effective SDK/API integrations with iOS apps
  • Cognitive collaboration and communication
  • Fewer project failure risks
  • Better customer experience and satisfaction
  • Flexible budget
  • On-time delivery

Hire Dedicated iOS Developers from PragetX

Custom Software Development
iOS App Development Consultants

We understand how important your business processes are and what kind of iOS application you need to improve your business processes. Consult our iOS developers to get your cutting-edge business-oriented iOS App development solution today!

Enterprise Software Development
Custom iOS App Developers

A team of well-experienced iOS developers is at your service to implement your objective-oriented and future-rich iOS mobile application that can help you ease your business working procedures with top-notch application performance and user experience.

Clone App Development
iOS App UI/UX Designers

An app that not only performs well but also has an attractive and intuitive UI/UX is called the cherry on the top. Design the aesthetic UI/UX for your mission-critical iOS app solution to provide your users with the next-level user experience.

NFT Platform Development
iOS App Upgrade and Migration Engineers

Refactor and migrate your mission-critical mobile application to the iOS platform to work compatibility. Refactor iOS applications to work smoothly in different environments, like Cloud platforms - AWS, Azure, and GCP.

UI/UX Designing
iOS App Testing Engineers

No matter for what industry, your iOS mobile app is developed - precision defines the statistics of conversion rates. Leverage us to assess, test, and fix your app loopholes so that you never miss a chance of conversion opportunity.

Application Maintenance & QA Services
iOS App Support Engineers

Get an extended 7-day free, dedicated iOS app support for your business-oriented mobile application to ensure its cutting-edge performance. Extend your contract to maintain your iOS app performance with the latest implementations.

The PragetX - iOS Developers Staff Augmentation Advantages

Skip Sourcing, Beat Talent Crunch, Save Time

Access to a pool of experienced, dedicated iOS developers for hire in less time by adopting modern and quick sourcing & hiring processes.

Say No to Pre and Post-Hiring Responsibilities

When outsourced, the whole iOS talent hiring process to the professional and dedicated HR team, why worry? We have you covered!

Always Get Your Beta Ready

The shortlisted profiles aren’t meeting your iOS app development requirements? Don’t worry! We have a beta list of pre-vetted iOS developers ready for you.

Absolute Confidentiality Agreement

We understand that you don’t want to disclose your collaboration with us. That’s completely fine! Get the absolute partnership integrity with PragetX.

Utmost Transparency

Be updated with the development approach and progress of your iOS app development. Transparency at the PragetX is a must that we follow.

Save on Salary

The dedicated iOS developers’ hiring cost at PragetX is quite budget-friendly and will help you save up to 50% on employee salary with top-notch IT services.

PragetX = Your ideal IT partner providing innovative iOS development services and solutions!

4-Step Easy iOS Developer Hiring Process

A simple 4-step easy hiring process to hire your ideal-fit dedicated iOS developer while ensuring time and cost-effectiveness.
Understanding Requirements

Share Your iOS App Development Requirements


We’ll shortlist the most ideal talent


Hire the right-fit iOS Developer for the project

QA & Testing

Onboard the talent & Start the innovations

Our App Development Processes

Understanding Requirements
Understanding Requirements

Our team of sales executives and business analysts will analyze the project requirements to devise the best iOS solution.


We design an interactive UI/UX for the iOS app development project that meets the user expectation levels.


Programming the iOS app with the technology stack asked by the client or suggested to the client for better responsiveness.

QA & Testing
QA & Testing

Apply all necessary QA practices and testing algorithms to find and resolve potential iOS app bugs and exceptions.


Once all changes and bugs are fixed, we deploy the iOS to the App Store or client’s server for their use.


Our work doesn’t end with project delivery, we provide dedicated free back support to software till the agreed duration.