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PragetX offers the best-in-class business intelligence and business analytics services to businesses with data maturity levels to help them get the best data science solutions to use for their product/service sales and marketing processes.

Improve decision-making with big data engineering and let PragetX help how to increase its value

Large volumes of data: With the increasing amount of data being generated by modern businesses and organizations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and analyze data using traditional methods. Data engineering helps to design and build scalable and efficient systems that can handle large volumes of data.

Variety of data sources: Data is often generated from a variety of sources, such as transactional systems, social media, sensors, and log files. Data engineering helps to extract, transform, and integrate data from these diverse sources into a central data repository, making it easier to access and analyze.

Complex data pipelines: Data processing often involves multiple steps, such as data extraction, transformation, and loading, as well as data cleansing and quality checks. Data engineering helps to design and build data pipelines that automate these processes and ensure the data is ready for analysis and reporting.

Data security and compliance: Data engineering helps to ensure that data is handled securely and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. This includes tasks such as masking sensitive data, encrypting data in transit and at rest and implementing access controls

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Data Engineering Services We Offer

BI Consulting
Data Warehousing

Helping enterprise design, construct, and maintain a centralized repository of data that is used for reporting and analysis

Data Warehousing
Data Lakes

Does your enterprise has various kinds of structured and unstructured data and need flexibility for the future? Let PragetX help to create and maintain a scalable and flexible data store in the cloud to process large volumes of diverse data

BI Solution Development
Data Pipelines

PragetX can help stitch and automate your various data engineering solutions. We can develop production-ready data pipelines that automatically extract, transform and load data from various sources and write to destinations on a set schedule.

Data Visualization and Reporting
Data Processing and Transformation

Let PragetX help simplify your complex data and add the most value to it by helping to join, merge, filter, and aggregate your data to satisfy your custom need.

BI Solution Maintenance & Testing
Data Cleaning

Whether your need is manual or automated algorithmic data cleaning. We can help transform your data to increase accuracy, consistency, and high quality

How AI & ML help various industries?

AI and ML can be used to power any company’s decision-making process,
helping them to make better business predictions.
Data Formats
Data Processing Frameworks:


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D. Noel

Designation : Founder & CEO

Company : Scrapbook

Project : Scrapbook App

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Archana Tiwari

Designation : Founder & CEO

Company : SchoolOwls

Project : SchoolOwls Website

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Mrs. Nelle P

Designation : Founder & CEO

Company : NaWee Courier

Project : NaWee Courier App

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Arjun Bansal

Designation : Founder & CEO

Company : Nepal Government

Project : Nepal Government App

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Rodge Boulton

Designation : Founder & CEO

Company : ELC

Project : ELC Tutoring Website

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James T.

Designation : Founder & CEO

Company : Sofiqe

Project : E-commerce App

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Michael Kohlert

Designation : Founder & CEO

Company : KeepCoolRecs

Project : KeepCoolRecs App

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Rohit Kumar Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Designation : Founder & CEO

Company : VR Cube Technologies

Project : Family Hives

Case Study
Alex Nee

Designation : Founder & CEO

Company : NFT

Project : NFT Marketplace App

Case Study
Krishna Kumar

Designation : Partner

Company : Hungry Veels

Project : On-demand Food Delivery

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Designation : Co-Founder & CEO

Company : UrNest

Project : UrNest - AirBnB of Cloud Kitchen

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