How Does IT Staff Augmentation
Help Businesses Make Profits?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are adopting new engagement models to ensure their business growth, known as Staff Augmentation. This business model is not only beneficial for companies but also for employees and clients.

Staff augmentation is adopted by many industries, but IT is the only industry making the greatest use and making the most out of it. How? Nowadays, the need for developers has increased a lot across industries to digitally transform their businesses; thus, they require dedicated business IT solutions providers. And that IT solution is idealized, designed, prototyped, developed, and maintained by developers.

Of course, ensuring the all-time uptime of companies does require an in-house or remote team of dedicated software developers and software support engineers. Hiring an in-house team of developers and software engineers might not be an affordable solution for all companies. Therefore, to mitigate the difficulties of those companies, Staff Augmentation came into the picture.

What Is IT Staff Augmentation?

Basically, staff augmentation is a process of onboarding employees from other companies to work as your dedicated team member until the requirements are met. In reference to the IT industry, hiring IT talents from a third party IT firm or consultancy to work on your particular client or in-house IT project for the required period.

Traditionally, people used to outsource or offshore IT projects to the remote team of developers and management, but IT Staff augmentation is a new generation process of hiring IT talents to work for your firm in a cost-effective manner dedicatedly better than hiring an on-premises team. This type of collaboration can be done to meet all on-site, remote, or offshore requirements.

Staff Augmentation is also known as managed IT services, IT Resourcing, and Hire Dedicated Developers services.

Staff augmentation services are in high demand in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Germany, and many other countries.

Why Should Companies Approach For IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is one of the worthy investments a company needing IT services can make as it offers unparalleled flexibility and benefits, which are hard to acquire through an on-premises team.

  • Hire developers on-demand
  • Eliminate additional time being occupied in hiring and negotiating employee salaries for the in-house team.
  • Save time being invested in employee training programs.
  • On-board trained IT professionals to work directly on your projects with minimal instructions.
  • Get sufficient buffers to plan business-critical strategies and make your empire even bigger.
  • Bridge the labour gap when there is a limited or timely requirement for IT professionals
  • Quickly expand your IT team when required
  • Say yes to minimal legal and management procedures.

Why Do Global Countries Choose India For Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation has become today’s new normal, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic that has brought global IT firms even together. According to our sources, IT firms prioritize India to outsource their IT projects and hire dedicated software developers from various Indian IT firms/companies. Also, the Indian IT economy is expected to rise with a 7.25% CAGR by 2025, which would be around USD 121.3 Billion (INR 8,830 Billion).

Reasons Indicating Companies to Opt for IT Staff Augmentation:

With IT staff augmentation service adoption from Indian IT Firms, companies can solve the following staffing hurdles:

  • Expensive in-house talent-hiring costs
  • Time and efforts consumed in recruiting in-house talents
  • The employee salary hike bar is touching the sky
  • Limited or Unavailability of the required local talent pool
  • Hiring local talents sometimes does become extravagant

Unlike outsourcing, in IT staff augmentation, the team management authority is in the hands of end clients.

Why Hire IT Talents from Indian IT Firms?

  • Near to zero communication barriers as India is one of the countries having a larger number of Fluent English Speakers.
  • India has an ever-growing number of IT talents.
  • Get a pool of talented and experienced IT resources at the lowest possible prices.
  • India has the largest number of IT professionals.
  • Indian companies comply with Indian legislation for keeping the confidentiality of international companies.

IT Staffing is the most agile solution today’s IT companies need to meet their short-term and long-term requirements.

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IT Staff Augmentation Plans At PragetX

When you look for a freelancer software developer, is also a kind of staff augmentation. But when you see the broader picture of IT staffing, you will find various types of staff augmentation meeting different business spheres.

So, to find your ideal agile IT staffing partner and decide on the right-fit staff augmentation model for your business, a glance at the types of IT staffing solutions is required.

Staff Augmentation ModelsWhen to UtilizePros
Traditional Staff AugmentationProvides IT talents for hire for all sorts IT needsNext-level flexibility
Master Vendor Staff AugmentationHire a team of IT professionals from usEasy IT staff scaling solutions at the lowest possible prices
Gig Staff AugmentationGet a pool of highly skilled resources for your IT staff requirementsQuick IT staffing solutions from a pool of variable expertise having IT professionals
On-Demand Staff AugmentationGet a pool of highly skilled resources for your specific IT staff requirementsQuickly on-board quality and experienced, dedicated IT professionals at a little expensive plan
Independent Staff AugmentationHire particular IT professionals for your limited requirementsQuickly on-board quality and experienced, dedicated IT professionals at a little expensive plan

Working of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation service is for every firm that has an in-house IT team or for the one needing IT resources for specific needs. To hire your dedicated IT professional from PragetX, your requirements go through four easy hiring processes.

1. Requirement Analysis

Define project scope and list profiles you need to meet those. Share your requirements with our Business Development and Talent Acquisition teams to shortlist profiles.

2. Talent Sourcing & Interview

The talent acquisition team will consider your requirements, start fetching the best-fit developers’ profiles and list them out for you to shortlist and conduct interviews. Get access to an unlimited list of pools until you onboard your ideal dedicated developer into your team.

3. Onboard IT Talent

Found your right-fit profile of developers? Worry not! All the legal issues would be taken care of by your trusted IT staffing partner, so you can onboard your dedicated resource quickly.

4. Productive & Supportive Relationship Management

Our work doesn’t end with allocating dedicated resources for your business. The business development team and talent acquisition team will always be in touch with you for feedback and provide end-support to develop a productive and supportive relationship between associates.

IT Staff Augmentation Measures For Companies

IT staffing indeed offers many advantages, but there are certain disadvantages as well, only if some prerequisites aren’t checked thoroughly. The below-mentioned are the two important things, which must be checked before associating with IT staffing companies:

1. Company Intellectual Property Protection

PragetX Technologies LLP understands the importance and keeping the confidentiality of your business-critical properties. We understand that our employees are working as your remote, dedicated team working full time for your company. Therefore, they do have access to all your company data, which must not be misused. Additionally, we also insist our clients request us NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our software developers and company to build a stronger, trustworthy B2B relationship.

2. Absolute Transparency

When you opt for PragetX for the staff augmentation service for your particular requirements, we ensure to clear our terms in terms of providing IT resourcing with talents’ experience and pricing models to avoid future misunderstanding concerns.ou for feedback and provide end-support to develop a productive and supportive relationship between associates.