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ReactJs Developers

Hire highly experienced and skilled, dedicated ReactJS developers from our pool of ReactJS resources that meet your front-end application build criteria under a friendly budget with guaranteed 160+ man-hours a month.
  • NDA Protected
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Agile process development
  • 100% on-time delivery
  • Part-Time Hiring, Full-Time Hiring, Hourly Hiring @$15/hour*
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You’re not just recruiting a developer, you’re recruiting a leader

At PragetX, such is the commitment & responsibilities our teammates are trained to take while onboarding to your company for any dedicated work

Why Hire Dedicated ReactJS Developers?

The IT sector is modernizing, and so does customers/users’ demands. Nowadays, web users demand personalized surfing experiences and want to see and get only those things they truly need to save their crucial time. Seeing the criticality of such demands and considering the higher customer retention rates, businesses need to develop a front-end web and app solution that is interactive, fast-loading and provides limited but useful data in a valuable representation.

Be it real-time data showing dashboard designing, visualization tool integration or third-party API integration, cross-platforms or single-page web and mobile application, exceptionally skilled ReactJS developers at PragetX can help you implement all you demand. Our team of ReactJS developers are highly qualified and has years of hands-on experience in using React with Redux, React DnD and other popular front-end JavaScript libraries. Not just that, they also have deep knowledge in front-end microservices development.

Hire a ReactJS developer or a whole team from PragetX to work dedicatedly on your front-end IT build project based on your man-hour requirements. Consult today to get the objective-oriented and performance-driven ReactJS app development services and solutions at an affordable budget without compromising on build quality; and uplift your business productivity.

Custom Software Development

Your Ideal Team of ReactJS Developers

Technical Expertise of Our ReactJS Developers

  • Hands-on experience in working with the following ReactJS combinations:
    1. React + Redux
    2. React + GraphQL
    3. React + Transcript
    4. React + Next
    5. React + Node
  • Extensive knowledge of various ReactJS testing libraries, like Jest, Enzymes, Moment, etc.
  • Hands-on experience in developing MVC, MVVM, and MVP
  • Good knowledge of databases, like MongoDB, Firebase, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • Follows a complete software development life cycle and ReactJS app development best practices

What You’ll Get From PragetX?

Get the best breed of ReactJS development solutions and services from the PragetX:

  • Eye-catchy and responsive ReactJS app UI/UX
  • Secure, scalable, and reliable ReactJS apps
  • Effective SDK/API integrations with ReactJS apps
  • Cognitive collaboration and communication
  • Fewer project failure risks
  • Better customer experience and satisfaction
  • Flexible budget
  • On-time delivery

Hire Dedicated ReactJS Developers from PragetX

Custom Software Development
ReactJS App Development Consultants

Want to build a unique ReactJS-based application, but not sure about the right approach and what features and functionalities it should have? Consult our ReactJS experts today to get the best devised ReactJS solution based on your needs.

Enterprise Software Development
Custom ReactJS Web & App Developers

Be it dashboard designing, visualization tool setup, or multipurpose dedicated web & mobile app front-end development - our ReactJS professionals will ensure to provide the best-in-class ReactJS development solution on time at the best cost.

Clone App Development
ReactJS App UI/UX Designers

Getting a fast, responsive front-end is important for your mission-critical React build, but it also needs intuitiveness and attractiveness. Hire our experienced UI/UX designers to get the top-class UI/UX designs for your dedicated ReactJS solution.

NFT Platform Development
ReactJS Library, Web Packs, And Widget Developers

Want to leverage the benefits of having your own customized libraries, web packs, and widgets on your ReactJS builds? Hire our ReactJS developers today to get your tailored, reusable, and quality ReactJS libraries, web packs, and widgets solutions.

UI/UX Designing
ReactJS Application Migration Engineers

Want to convert your static or dynamic, single-page multipage web application into a highly responsive dynamic and single-page web application? Hire our ReactJS developers today to get the quick ReactJS app migration solution at affordable prices.

Application Maintenance & QA Services
ReactJS App Testing / Support / Maintenance Engineers

Already have your ReactJS build ready, but want us to bug-fix, support, and maintain it for a certain duration? Hire our ReactJS build quality assessment professionals to ensure the better performance of your ReactJS application solution.

The PragetX - ReactJS Developers Staff Augmentation Advantages

Skip Sourcing, Beat Talent Crunch, Save Time

Access to a pool of experienced, dedicated ReactJS developers for hire in less time by adopting modern and quick sourcing & hiring processes.

Say No to Pre and Post-Hiring Responsibilities

When outsourcing the whole ReactJS talent hiring process to the professional and dedicated HR team, why worry? We have you covered!

Always Get Your Beta Ready

The shortlisted profiles aren’t meeting your ReactJS app development requirements? Don’t worry! We have a beta list of pre-vetted ReactJS developers ready for you.

Absolute Confidentiality Agreement

We understand that you don’t want to disclose your collaboration with us. That’s completely fine! Get the absolute partnership integrity with PragetX.

Utmost Transparency

Be updated with the development approach and progress of your ReactJS app development. Transparency at PragetX is a must that we follow.

Save on Salary

The dedicated ReactJS developers’ hiring cost at PragetX is quite budget-friendly and will help you save up to 50% on employee salary with top-notch IT services.

Leverage PragetX Technologies LLP to be your extended web and mobile app development team, playing a key role in your business’s growth.

4-Step Easy ReactJS Developer Hiring Process

A simple 4-step easy hiring process to hire your ideal-fit dedicated ReactJS developer while ensuring time and cost-effectiveness.
Understanding Requirements

Share Your ReactJS App Development Requirements


We’ll shortlist the most ideal talent


Hire the right-fit ReactJS Developer for the project

QA & Testing

Onboard the talent & Start the innovations

Our ReactJS App Development Processes

Understanding Requirements
Understanding Requirements

Our team of sales executives and business analysts will analyze the project requirements to devise the best ReactJS solution.


We design an interactive UI/UX for the ReactJS app development project that meets the user expectation levels.


Programming the ReactJS app with the technology stack asked by the client or suggested to the client for better responsiveness.

QA & Testing
QA & Testing

Apply all necessary QA practices and testing algorithms to find and resolve potential ReactJS app bugs and exceptions.


Once all changes and bugs are fixed, we deploy the ReactJS app to the client’s server for their use.


Our work doesn’t end with project delivery, we provide dedicated free back support to software till the agreed duration.